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The Braj Foundation

Mr. Vineet Narain is, founder and the Chairman of The Braj Foundation (www.brajfoundation.org), actively involved in the restoration of Braj-the land of Lord Shri Radha Krishna. Braj is the cultural area within the three districts of Mathura (UP), Bharatpur (Raj) and Palwal( Haryana) area. This 5000 years old cultural heritage, within the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, has been grossly neglected and partly destroyed.

The Man

The Man Who Repeatedly Created History

On this web site you will find several shocking articles and information revealing the true color of Indian ruling elite.
Something you would have never read before in any publication from India.

He got dozens of Union Ministers charged for corruption

Vineet Narain got dozens of Union Cabinet Ministers, Governors, Chief Ministers, Leader of Opposition and several senior bureaucrats charged for corruption in 1996 in the famous Jain Diary Hawala Case. This happened for the first time in the history of India.

Dared to expose CJI’S unethical conduct

In 1997 once again the Hawala Case was hushed up in most unceremonious manner and the nation was misled by a false propaganda that there are no evidences against the accused in this case. Narain dared to expose the immoral conduct of the Chief Justices of India and his brother judge with unclenching evidences of their involvement with close associate of main accused the Jain brothers. He wanted to prove his point that some members of the top judiciary are also not free of corruption. That is why the Jain Hawala Case could not reach to its logical conclusions. He is the only journalist in India who dared to do so.

He exposed several land scams of the next CJI

Once again in 2001 Narain took great personal risk and exposed series of land scams of the then sitting Chief Justice of India. He was prosecuted in J&K and was declared proclaimed Offender. He had to flee the country to seek international media’s support. He got tremendous support in UK. USA and in other countries where media and Human rights groups extended full support to him. This crusade of him forced everyone to accept that Narain is an iron will man and fears none.

New Central Vigilance Commission is creation of his crusade

However as a fall out of this crusade the appointments of the members of Central Vigilance Commission, Director CBI and DRI etc. are made as per the directions in now famous Vineet Narain v/s Union of India case.

Exposed Hawala-Militancy nexus much before 9/11

Long before 2001, when on 9/11 Hawala became a global concern in the fight against terrorism and much talked about term on world media, Narain had exposed the clandestine international Hawala funding routes of militants of Kashmir through his video news magazine in 1993.

Founder of independent Hindi TV News in India

He is the founder of independent TV News in India and he fought several battles for the independence of electronic media in India. Much before the appearance of private satellite TV channels in India he launched Kalchakra Video News magazine in 1989 and created major ripples by his bold investigative TV reports.

Pioneer of spy cam sting operations in India

He is also the pioneer of spy cam sting operations. He did so in 1990, 14 years ahead of time and generated major debate in print media. His sting operations were aimed at exposing the social evils. This dimension of journalism was unknown to Indian media.

These historic woks without any backing

Unlike most of the well known names of Indian journalism, who rose with the support and backing of some media giant, corporate house or a political party Narain stood alone against the entire establishment and achieved unprecedented success in all his crusades. He did so to ensure absolute objectivity in journalism and paid heavy price for that. Those who joined hands with one political party to expose their rivals were rewrded with civilian decorations or parliamentry nominations and were projected as crusaders while the facts about Narain’s crusades and achievements were not allowed to reach the masses.

He exposed the shadow boxing in the parliament of India

One will notice that in the Parliament and on Indian news channels political leaders and well known opinion makers repeatedly talk about scams like Bofors, Urea, Fodder, Tehelka etc. but all of them have been maintaining mysterious silence about Hawala Scam. Why ? Because in all other scams only one or two politicians, of a political party, are involved hence their political opponents make noise about those scams ,while in Hawala top leaders of all the major parties are involved that is why the entire political establishment ensures that this mother of all scams in India is swept under the carpet. Narain questioned the mysterious silence of the MPs and it is to his credit that in such adverse circumstances he rose against the entire establishment and single handedly gave unprecedented jolt to Indian politics.

Down to earth life after three decades in New Delhi

Despite living for three decades in New Delhi, having national profile as a journalist and recognition in international media, Vineet Narain has not changed his simple life style, respect for traditional Indian values, strong spiritual conviction and concern for the youth and rural India.

Social commitment at an early age

In 1974 Vineet, at the age of 18, decided to serve the rural poor in a village of Western U.P. This experience left a lasting impression on his mind. As a journalist he always stood for social cause, commitment to poor and communal harmony. In 1983 he named his son Azeez Narain as a symbol of communal harmony.

New crusade to revive Braj – the land of Lord Radha Krishna

Having fought several high profile Mahabharats Narain is now back to his Brajwasi roots and is deeply involved in restoring the heritage and environment of Braj-the ancient land of Lord Radha-Krishna in North India. He is getting open hearted support for his yet another selfless crusade from NRIs and all those who matter in Indian corporate world & government.

Powerful orator

Narain is a powerful speaker. He speaks with conviction, clarity of thoughts and keeps his audience in apt attention. He is frequently invited by the Press Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, Bar Councils, Rotary & Lions Clubs in Indian Cities, prestigious professional bodies in India and abroad like; Medical Professions, Silicon Valley, IIM Alumni Associations, IITs, Students Unions & spiritual organizations. He has also delivered lectures at several foreign universities such as Stanford, Purdue, Maryland, Oxford besides several Indian Universities.

Coulmnist and broadcaster

He regularly contributes syndicated column in over two dozen regional popular dailies published in different vernaculars. His column is very much liked by the people for it’s boldness and constructive solutions to the problems of Indian society. He also gives weekly report on Australian media (SBS Radio).

In 1996 he got several Union Cabinet Ministers, Leader of Opposition, Chief Ministers, Governors and senior bureaucrats charge-sheeted in the Jain Hawala Case.

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