The crusading journalist who repeatedly created history in India
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E-Book on Corruption, Terrorism and Hawala

E-Book on Misuse of Contempt of Courts Act


In 1996 he got several Union Cabinet Ministers, Leader of Opposition, Chief Ministers, Governors and senior bureaucrats charge sheeted in the Jain Hawala Case.
He is the only journalist to have dared to question the integrity of the highest judiciary of the country with unimpeachable evidences.He did so from 1997 to 2002.
He is the founder of Independent TV Journalism in India.
With scores of heavy-weight politicians and cabinet ministers having being charge-sheeted, Narain has promised a footnote in Indian history.
The Sunday Observer
March31, 1996
He could have been purchased but he was an upright and fearless fighter. He could have been eliminated but he was god fearing. Life has not been easy for Vineet Narain.
Indian Express
March 18, 1996
Then journalist Vineet Narain received photocopies of pages in the Jain notebooks from a source. It didn’t take cryptographic genius to crack Jains code or to realise the importance of the story & he produced a report for his magazine format video cassette Kalchakra.
Jan 29, 1996
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