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Narain an engaging personality who claims to drive his entire motivation from an intense spirit of devotionalism knows there is no turning back. His persistence so far has opened up small cracks in the political edifice. Faced with a common threat, the political class could now close ranks and seek to shut out the prospects of public scrutiny.
                  Frontline, March 25, 1995
Vineet Narain has been a man of crusades against corruption and injustice all throughout his career.

He got several Union Cabinet Ministers, Leader of Opposition, Chief Ministers, Governors and senior bureaucrats charge sheeted in the Jain Hawala Case. This happened for the first time in the history of India. A short presentation on this crusade can be seen at the following link

Despite their reluctance, he forced CBI, the Taxation and FERA depts. to take action against these influential people.
In July 1997, Mr. Narain compelled the Chief Justice of India to reveal what was happening behind the scene to subvert the Hawala case.

Despite sufficient evidences, when the Hawala accused politicians started getting discharged, he exposed this conspiracy in his shockingly revealing book titled, ‘Hawala ke Deshdrohi’ & ‘Dangerous Silence’.

Once again in Feb 2000 during the ‘Big Fight’ show on Star TV when Mr. Narain forced the CVC, Mr. N.Vittal to re-open the Hawala investigations, entire political class created nation wide hue and cry against this move. If there are no evidences in Hawala case then why are they so scared of investigations ?

Narain's crusade for the freedom for electronic media (1990)
The Jain-Hawala-Militancy Scam Crusade (1993-1997)
The Scam
The Jain-Hawala-Militancy scam hovered around the fact that the Hawala channels through which terrorist outfits in Kashmir like Hijbul-Mujahideen used to get funds, the same channels used to grease the palms of over 115 top bureaucrats and politicians of the country. CBI, RAW and every other investigative agencies of the country tried to suppress the entire case when Vineet Narain courageously exposed the entire case through his famous video magazine Kalchakra.
Hawala :: The biggest scam in the history of independent India
Hawala is the biggest ever scandal in the world which involved over 115 top politicians and bureaucrats of the country. Never before so many top politicians been caught in a single scandal. Hawala Scam was bigger than even Watergate, Iran-gate, Bofors, Harshad Mehta and Lockheed sca`ms.
Unprecedented ramifications of Hawala Crusade on Indian Polity
Vineet Narain’s tireless Hawala crusade and Supreme Court’s intervention have given unprecedented jolt to Indian politics. In the post Hawala period three general elections have been held in four years and 5 times Prime Ministers have taken oath. Instead of one party, two dozen political parties have been forced to run the government.
Historic Success
As a result of the untiring crusade in the Hawala case several cabinet ministers, chief ministers, governors and bureaucrats were charge-sheeted for the first time in Indian history. How the entire case got hushed up even by the highest court of the land is yet another story.

Crusade against corruption in the highest Judiciary of the country

Exposure of the sitting Chief Justice of India
Vineet Narain investigated and published the first ever report on the corruption of a sitting Chief Justice of India in Feb 2000.

The silence of mainstream media
Surprisingly none in the media, bar or parliament showed the courage to take-up this cause due to the fear of judiciary and the Contempt of Courts Act, despite Narain’s repeated personal appeals.
However, they kept admiring Narain for his courage to come-up with such a well-documented expose.

Representation to the President of India
He then made a representation to the Hon’ble President of India demanding his intervention. The President took serious note of his findings and referred Narain’s report to the then Law Minister Mr. Ram Jethmalani. After investigations the Law Minister found Narain’s allegations to be true.

Law Minister gets sacked
The Chief Justice of India got upset and prevailed upon the Indian Prime Minister and got the Law Minister sacked from the Union Cabinet.

Media Highlights the issue
This snow balled into a major controversy in July 2000 because higher judiciary till now had maintained an untainted image. Narain’s work was highlighted on national and international media such as Zee TV, Star News, BBC and CNN etc. Encouraged with these developments Narain went ahead and published reports about a few more land scams related with the close family members of Dr. AS Anand, the then CJI.

Contempt proceedings against Narain initiated in J&K High Court
As a result, a contempt case was initiated against Narain from the Srinagar wing of the J&K High Court. While the focus of all the reports published by Narain was the misconduct of the CJI, the contempt notice took cognizance of only a passing remark on the role of one of it’s judge, ignoring major thrust of these reports. Narain was summoned in January 2001 to the snow-clad and militancy gripped Srinagar, while the main seat of the said court functions from Jammu during winters. Narain’s security concerns were ignored.

Public attack on Narain by supporters of the accused CJI
He was publicly attacked by the supporters of CJI in an open seminar at the Constitution Club of Delhi, in which eminent personalities from various walks of life were discussing the problems of corruption in judiciary and the relevance of the Contempt of Courts Act. If this could happen in Delhi, worst was in store in J&K. Mr. Narain’s request to transfer the case from J&K to any other state was ignored.

Former Prime Minister writes to the Apex Court
The former Indian Prime Minister, Mr. VP Singh also made a similar request to the Apex Court expressing his concern for the safety of Narain but in vain. He wrote, Mr. Vineet Narain, editor of Kalchakra has been fighting for public causes at a great risk of life. ........ Since, 1993 he has been fighting against the clandestine funding to militant outfits of J&K specially, Hijbul Mujahideen. Narain was declared a proclaimed offender by the J&K High Court. His office was attached. The J&K police starting raiding his home.

Narain flees the country to save his life
To protect his life and to mobilize international media support, he slipped out of the country and went to UK and USA.

International bodies come in support of Narain
Narain appeared on Q&A show of CNN, on BBC World Service (London) and on VOA (Washington) etc. and spoke boldly about this issue. He got tremendous applause for his courage and was offered help to seek asylum.

Several international bodies of journalists based in USA and Europe wrote strong protest letters to the Indian Prime Minister.

New York based Committee to Protect Journalists wrote, "We urge you to order an immediate inquiry into possible political motivations behind Narain’s prosecution and to provide him with appropriate protection if he is required to appear in Jammu Court."
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Narain returns to India
Determined to continue with his crusade he returned to his motherland.Narain’s sustained efforts to ensure accountability of the higher judiciary has finally been recognized in judicial circles.                            
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Moral victory of Narain
In a seminar at Kochi, Kerala the next Chief Justice of India expressed the need to find new ways to deal with the menace of corruption in higher judiciary.

People’s Vigilance Commission
After the so-called historic judgment in the Hawala case, Narain felt the need of a people's body to actively watch the functioning of constitutional machinery, promote clean and efficient administration and fight corruption at all levels. He invited well-known crusaders, of different ideological background from all over the country to think about this possibility. In his letter of invitation he wrote, No matter what the politicians claim, a loose confederation of several political parties cannot allow government to take a firm stand on any issue. Personal ambitions, regional compulsions, the fear of insecure political future and on top of that the never ending lust for more and more money will always dominate the politicians, participating in the so-called governance of the nation. We have seen three general elections since 1996. Governments may come and go but nothing substantial will happen to improve the infrastructure or to ensure services to the people.

When all the pillars of democracy have been weakened considerably, there is nothing for the concerned citizens to fallback upon.

People's Vigilance Commission came into existence on 10.1.99 after 22 very eminent activists, journalists, intellectuals, politicians, bureaucrats and media persons conferred at the PHD Chamber House, New Delhi. Each one of the participants has a track record of combating corruption and misgovernance in his own way. Well-known police official, Mr. J F Ribeiro was unanimously nominated the Chairman of this commission and Mr. Vineet Narain was nominated as its Honorary Secretary. The Commission is in the process of establishing state level Vigilance Commissions and People's Vigilance committees in every town. The entire effort will be apolitical, non-violent and voluntary.

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