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Narain an engaging personality who claims to drive his entire motivation from an intense spirit of devotionalism knows there is no turning back. His persistence so far has opened up small cracks in the political edifice. Faced with a common threat, the political class could now close ranks and seek to shut out the prospects of public scrutiny.
                  Frontline, March 25, 1995
Narain returns to India
On his return from abroad Mr. Narain wrote a strongly worded letter addressed to the Hon’ble President of India. This letter gives chronological account of the mischiefs done by the then CJI. He also met several prominent lawyers of Supreme Court and members of parliament to mobilise public opinion against the repeated misuse of the Contempt of Courts Act. In Sept 2001,Narain drafted an appeal addressed to the Members of Parliament to bring suitable amendment in this act. This appeal was readily signed by several journalists from print and TV media.

The copies of the letter written by Mr. Narain to the Hon’ble President of India and the copies of this appeal were printed in hundreds. In a true spirit of an activist for public cause Mr Narain personally and his team , distributed the copies of this appeal among the members of parliament, media, social action groups and Bar in Delhi and in other towns. However, Dr Anand retired on Oct 31st,2001.

In Dec. 2001 came the climax of this crusade (which Narain had launched in July 1997) when the new CJI Justice S P Bharucha confessed in an open seminar in Kerala that 20 percent of the higher judiciary is also corrupt and accepted the limitations of the existing laws to deal with this problem.

Narain’s sustained efforts to ensure accountability of the higher judiciary have finally been recognised in political, media and legal circles. Thus, Mr. Narain has created an unprecedented situation by his sustained and tireless campaign, courage of conviction and by facing severe hardships for a public cause (For detailed reports on the scams of the then CJI and those who messed up the Jain Hawala Case, you may log on to

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