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Narain an engaging personality who claims to drive his entire motivation from an intense spirit of devotionalism knows there is no turning back. His persistence so far has opened up small cracks in the political edifice. Faced with a common threat, the political class could now close ranks and seek to shut out the prospects of public scrutiny.
                  Frontline, March 25, 1995
Narain's crusade for the freedom for electronic media (1990)

Since Kalchakra video news cassette was being subjected to constant harassment by the Film Censor Board, Narain waged a war against this attack on the freedom of press. His argument was, when the print media is not subjected to pre-censorship, how can audiovisual news be pre-censored. He felt that unequals i.e. fiction and video news were being treated equally, while equals i.e. print news and video news were being treated unequally.

PIL in Delhi High Court
He filed a PIL in the Delhi High Court challenging the pre-censorship of video news. To generate public opinion he traveled across the country and addressed dozens of Press Conferences. A notice was issued to the government. The matter is pending in the Court however, with the passage of time the new technology of satellite TV has made pre-censorship irrelevant.

Fight for Autonomy to Doordarshan
During those days in almost every debate on the freedom of TV news and autonomy to Doordarshan, Narain’s views were highlighted in the print media along with other prominent people. However, when the autonomy was granted to Doordarshan, he was never invited to present the news shows or produce documentaries. Obvious because his kind of bold and principled journalism would not have benefited the mandarins of Mandi House, whose names often appear in the press in connection with several scams in assigning TV programmes. It is clear that Prasar Bharti Board has to go a long way before it can claim complete autonomy. That would be the time when Indian audience will have the benefit of seeing some of Narain’s work on Doordarshan.


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